Residing Rosa is a fantastic route if you just want to discover a genuine messy family members living their own lives, whom just so happen to incorporate two moms

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Residing Rosa is a fantastic route if you just want to discover a genuine messy family members living their own lives, whom just so happen to incorporate two moms

And did we state that her daughters tend to be ADORBS? You should be cautioned, watching live Rosa movies will make you set about to feel very clucky, irrespective the sex or who you like!

Channel like Living Rosa are very essential presence, showing the entire world that gay people tends to be just as good at getting parents as anybody else It’s also beautiful observe exactly how completely recognizing girls’ friends and family go for about their particular life.

5. Justin and Nick

Justin and Nick is a very sweet homosexual partners whom display their lives along on YouTube (plus Instagram and Twitter). They generate videos on all kinds of things, off their morning system (using their just like lovable puppy!) to residence trips, Harry Potter, going to pleasure, and plenty of fantastic homosexual travel.

Exactly what can we say, it really appears like Justin and Nick are a couple of men after our very own minds! Combined with plenty of homosexual people trips, we just appreciate chuckling at some of her foolish few existence components, but they get major often too. They’ve interviewed youthful activists who participated in a€?March in regards to our Livesa€? and even spoken into DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

On top of everything, they actually show beard treatment, beauty products and sporadically cooking video nicely. Look out for adorable cameos using their dog and cat, and of course their unique enchanting involvement suggestion movie.

6. Bria and Chrissy

We can’t fight a beneficial pop music melody and the lesbian duo of Bria and Chrissy surely create, together with fun clips regarding physical lives with each other. Certainly, we love paying attention to their own audio (and that is on iTunes and Apple tunes) but we equally appreciate her absurd, and sometimes saucy, videos where they undertaking various YouTube difficulties or simply talking as a whole about life as lesbians.

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Bria and Chrissy also get big though, discussing deeply personal reports about their private experience, traumas and difficulties with YouTube it self closing down LGBTQ+ contents themselves platform. It really is energizing to hear the real facts off their homosexual movie creators, and hopefully we could all make it possible to verify no one’s sound becomes erased from YouTube.

As well as their primary YouTube station, Bria and Chrissy also provide a personal one labeled as ponder Warriors you might like to have a look at. Here they send fitness video clips and day-to-day vlogs, so it is much more behind the scenes of what the results are over on the major channel.

7. Josh Rimer

We have actually interviewed Josh before about homosexual lifetime in Canada, but we in addition motivate you to definitely take a look at their YouTube route! In 2019, Josh ended up being crowned Mr Gay Canada and plenty of his video reveal him attending homosexual Pride occasions world-wide along with his well-deserved name.

Now, Josh has become inviting their market inside logistics of prep a homosexual marriage (to fiancA© Heath), which include both a homophobic vacation resort maybe not hoping all of them and eventually being forced to cancel their particular wedding ceremony because of the pandemic. Naturally, a good amount of men and women have held it’s place in the exact same vessel aided by the pandemic but that a resort, in homosexual friendly Puerto Vallarta not less, does not want to host a gay relationship is quite stunning contained in this time.

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We like enjoying Josh and Heath checking out homosexual spots, specially ones we now haven’t been to however including Australia! We’re very jealousa€¦ But we additionally enjoy the little glimpses into daily life, which simply make it possible to establish that gay people are no different from hetero couples.

8. Princess Joules

Julie Vu aka Princess Joules aka Mama Sparkles, is a sensational lady exactly who vlogs about all aspects of the lady male to feminine changeover, transgender matchmaking and relations, combined with a healthy and balanced serving of makeup products tutorials and enjoyable YouTube challenges. She was actually actually one of the primary YouTubers to fully document the lady entire transition a€“ speak about a trailblazer!

Combined with sharing honest video clips about transitioning, Julie has additionally made clips featuring problem like home-based assault, showing how it affects both cis and trans visitors. She actually is also offered her audience an honest view her own private activities with residential physical violence.

She furthermore produces loads of light-hearted contents though, frequently taking a look at the funny side of lifetime. In 2019, Julie was actually neglect Global Queen Canada and she’s in addition produced films about their trips as a transgender girl in Asian countries, that will be undoubtedly inspiring for any other trans people.

9. In Wonderland Arif and Ricky

Arif and Ricky tend to be a gay couple that created an entire additional arena of artwork for themselves if they got together. The Wonderland part of a€?In Wonderlanda€? combines their provided love of art, theater, Disney and fantasies, all bundled as much as dispersed a confident LGTBQ+ message via their unique YouTube station, site and social networking networks.

Obtained both educated as life coaches, so establish by themselves as gay life mentors, trying to let rest discover her road to happiness. Thru their YouTube videos they supply many advice and tips for homosexual people about relations, coming-out, family members problem, and much more.

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We like just how fun and colorful her channel was (as well as the young men on their own!), and taking pleasure in watching their unique sillier movies about gay couple problems. Arif and Ricky have also been renovating a motorhome being get in on the little residence live action, which was quite interesting to follow along with!

10. Matt and Blue

Matt and azure are a striking married homosexual couple who vlog about lives in limited nation community in Colorado using their son, a puppy, a pony, a pet and chickens. It is energizing to see a channel featuring homosexual guys creating things like operating ponies and Doing It Yourself, that are typically seen as only for directly dudes. Matt and Blue seriously bring out the cowboy area in you!

Both of these cuties also communicate honest glimpses within their fatherhood journey, vlogging about the reason why they thought we would follow and what it had been like following as two males. Additionally, they muse about lives as a gay family in limited city, what it was actually like being released to their individuals and exactly how they make her marriage perform.

Be sure you browse their unique station for precious movies of family lifestyle, a€?gay dudes creating circumstancesa€? (that is her name!), remodelling, and garden. You need to be informed, it’s going to make you begin fantasizing about getting your very own small farm!


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