Using Bullish Candlestick Patterns To Buy Stocks

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Investors should always confirm reversal by the subsequent price action before initiating a trade. Generally, an inverted hammer is a type of candlestick pattern treated as a possible trend-reversal signal. As it is a well-known bullish reversal pattern, it mainly occurs at the end of a downtrend.

candlestick inverted hammer

The hammer candlestick patterns are most effective in these scenarios. The hammer candlestick is a bullish trading pattern that indicates a stock has reached its bottom and is about to reverse the trend. It indicates that sellers entered the market and drove down the price, only to be overwhelmed by buyers who drove the asset price up. The price reversal to the upward must be confirmed, which means the next candle must close above the hammer’s previous closing price. I mentioned earlier that I do not recommend trading the inverted hammer candlestick pattern as an entry trigger.


It means the change of the market sentiment, so the traders should be readу to look for other symptoms of the nearest moves. An inverted hammer candlestick can certainly be a useful tool for those who can use it in combination with other signals. The hammer occurs when open, low, and inverted hammer candlestick close prices are approximately the same. The inverted hammer is generated in the downtrend or after it, and this is a mark of a highly probable trend reversal. It appears when bullish traders are ready to change the trend after bearish traders have knocked the prices downwards.

For that reason, when trading the inverted hammer, most wait for at least one confirming signal. This can be a second bullish candle that follows on from the pattern or any other confirmation of a bullish breakout. With a hammer pattern, the buyers are capitulating as a bearish trend accelerates. This selling pressure produces the deep, but short lived low in price which forms the lower shadow of the hammer.

It can also occur at the end of a retracement in an overall uptrend. The trade entry point or level is the price that you buy or sell. It is a component of a previously set trading strategy to minimize risks and emotions. There are three important descriptions in trading the inverted hammer pattern you should know.

What Does The Inverted Hammer Look Like?

Using the price action and trend, you can confirm that the price change is coming. The inverted hammer pattern starts with a long candle on the first day, and then a small body appears on the second day at the end of the lower range. It is confirmed when the next day, the pattern continues with a confirmation candle with a bigger body that is bullish with higher prices. The inverted hammer pattern shows up as a single line pattern made of one candle body that can be either green or red.

When we waited for a confirming candle, the odds of a bullish break dropped to 51.9% a reduction of 1%. And while this first breakout has failed, it suggests that buying interest is starting to return, and the market is possibly oversold. However, while both can indicate a change in sentiment from bearish to bullish, the market dynamics are entirely different.

  • This will be visible at the bottom of a downtrend and can be an indication of a potential bullish reversal.
  • Third,the lower shadow should either not exist or be very, very small.Fourth,the real body should be located at the lower end of the trading range.
  • Ideally, the lower wick should not exist at all, or at the most have a very negligible length.
  • They also have a tendency to to produce more confusing signals for trading.
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In terms of market psychology, an inverted hammer depicts a situation where bulls are successfully able to push price to the upside before closing at or above the opening price. While a red hammer is technically not as bullish as a green one, don’t let that fool you. The bullish influence during this trading period is significant when you consider the length of the lower wick.

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Lawrence has served as an expert witness in a number of high profile trials in US Federal and international courts. The bearish version of the Inverted Hammer is the Shooting Star formation that occurs after an uptrend. It is important to note that the Inverted pattern is a warning of potential price change, not a signal, by itself, to buy.

candlestick inverted hammer

This candlestick formation is a weak reversal signal; therefore, it is not wise to take this candlestick signal, alone, as an entry trigger. On this ETH/USD 15-minute Investment chart, ETH is finishing off a consolidation period after a fall from USD110. After five successive bearish candles, the ETHUSD chart prints an inverted hammer.

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Rekha, either you square off an existing position or you can initiate a fresh short position. If it is a fresh short position, then you need to have a stop-loss. Yes, they long you are looking at the candles in the right way.

The Inverted Hammer looks like an upside down version of the Hammer candlestick pattern. It consists of a candle with a small body and a long upper wick. A doji is another type of candlestick with a small real body.

That is why traders must be aware of everything about the peculiarities of patterns. However, like all trading strategies, hammer pattern candlestick trading involves a certain degree of risk. A hammer candle is only a signal that indicates there is a possibility of a trend reversal Eurobond and does not guarantee that the reversal will happen. Thus, traders are advised to understand the limitations of the hammer candlestick. In addition, traders should combine the pattern with other available trading tools and practice with such tools before utilizing them in trades.

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There are other key factors, such as price action or the inverted hammer candle position, to consider when assessing a position. Supposed a trader is sure that he or she has identified the pattern correctly, it is necessary to start looking for other signals to confirm a possible reversal. However, this is a warning only but not a signal by itself to buy. In any case, it will be viewed at the bottom of a downtrend, and the market line is expected to reverse. The hammer candlestick is characterized by its small (or non-existent) upper shadow, where a candle’s highest price is close to or almost equivalent to the opening or closing price. The bottom shadow’s length is at least double that of the candle’s body, meaning that the candle’s lowest price is far from its opening or closing price.

While you may not be successful 100% of the time, you’re going to have a better handle on keeping your losses small and letting your runners go. Getting weighed down in the exact shape of a candlestick or pattern can cause you to miss moves. The information contained in this post is solely for educational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. The risk of trading in securities markets can be substantial.

When these types of candlesticks appear on a chart, they cansignal potential market reversals. The close can be above or below the opening price, although the close should be near the open in order for the real body of the candlestick to remain small. Bullish candlesticks indicate entry points for long trades, and can help predict when a downtrend is about to turn around to the upside. Reversal points.It is of crucial importance to identifythe possible price reversal points on the chart.

What Is An Inverted Hammer Candlestick Pattern & How To Identify These Candlesticks?

The SL and the candle’s High are very close, SL could have been breached for risk taker. If the paper umbrella appears at the top end of an uptrend, it is called the hanging man. Since the open and close prices are close to each other, the paper umbrella’s colour should not matter. I would encourage you to develop your own thesis based on observations that you make in the markets. This will help you calibrate your trade more accurately and help you develop structured market thinking. The entry of bears signifies that they are trying to break the stronghold of the bulls.

Like a hammer pattern, the inverted hammer is also formed on the downtrend . Its shape represents a case of a hammer held in a way that its thick but small hitting body part is in the lower side, and the long handle is at the top side of the candlestick pattern. The small-size body of the candle constitutes the striking body, and the long-sized upper wick of the candle represents the handle – hence the name. Combining price action trading with a profitable trading method can help you qualify better trades and improve your strike rate. Hammer and inverted hammer are both bullish reversal patterns that take place at the end of a downtrend.

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Take the profit when the price reaches an important support level or when the downtrend starts coming to its end. The Hanging Man and Inverted Hammer are candlestick analysis patterns. Candlestick analysis began in Japan, and Steve Nison, famous trader and analyst, became its active apologet.

It will mean that buyers are now taking charge of the market prices with high demand and are dominating over the sellers. This method is used when one sees an inverted hammer candlestick pattern which can indicate that there is going to be a reversal in prices. This pattern occurs when there is a massive pressure from buyers to raise the price of a specific asset after there has been a long downtrend.

The formation of the inverted hammer has to appear after a downtrend. Many traders know such patterns as Double Top and Double Bottom, yet not many people know the Dragon pattern. A bullish day after the hammer is needed in order to confirm the trend reversal. This content is not financial advice and it is not a recommendation to buy or sell any cryptocurrency or engage in any trading or other activities.

Inverted Hammer Candlestick Chart Trading Tutorial And Example

While using Inverted Hammer candle as support level, one should be using the bottom of the wick and not the real body of the candle. A long wick Inverted Hammer which successfully resulted into a trend reversal is also considered as a very good support level. Price coming back to this level in future is likely to be rejected again. An Inverted Hammer candle wick rejecting a significant moving average is probably the best place to trade using an Inverted Hammer candlestick pattern. Following a downtrend, the atmosphere is bearish, but as the price opens, it trades higher. This means the bulls have taken over but cannot hold their strength yet, bringing the price back down to the lower end.

It occurs at the end of a downtrend when the bears start losing their dominance. In the chart below, we see a GBP/USD daily chart where the price action moves lower up to the point where it prints a fresh short term low. An inverted hammer candlestick is formed when bullish traders start to gain confidence. However, the bullish trend is too strong, and the market settles at a higher price. From the figure below, the inverted hammer candlestick is located after a downtrend where the price fell from around $600 to about $540. The appearance of an inverted hammer is a potential bullish reversal signal that means that the asset is forming a bottom, which may be followed by a price increase.

Author: Coryanne Hicks