Very first Quiver: The Cupids autumn collection exy story of modern like, ancient gods, & the mortals caught

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Very first Quiver: The Cupids autumn collection exy story of modern like, ancient gods, & the mortals caught

A great, beautiful account of modern adore, ancient gods, & the mortals caught during the crossfire

Contemporary Dream | Rom-Com | Twisted Greek Misconception | Arising of Age |Old Historic Fiction | Dream Love

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Compliments for First Quiver:

In Beth Greenbergs hilarious reasonable fantasy book First Quiver, we meet the 3,375-year-old Cupid in the same manner hes banished to world, in which hes going to uncover the highs and lows of human fascination with initially. The ironic catch? Cupid can not have the lady hes fallen fond of; instead, the guy must come across this lady true-love fit. A lighthearted and brilliant romp, mingling dating programs with old gods just for suitable balance of ridiculous and nice. Reedsy Development

Perfect blend of mythology and rom-com. Amazon Analysis

Quirky, intelligent, and creative, this publication hits all of the proper records for myths lovers. Banter abounds, training were read, and friendship are forefront in this tale about finding the beauty and problems of adore. An Entire cast of characters tend to be produced and reinvented, completed with a deft touch from this newer publisher and establishing the collection. NYT, United States Of America These days, and WSJ bestselling author Melanie Moreland

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About 1st Quiver:

Control of a naughty goodness is not any laughing topic, but Cupid only cant let himself. Immortality are lonely your 3,375-year-old virgin of Mount Olympus. Enjoy was a game he can only perform from the sidelines plus one day, he takes that game past an acceptable limit.

ed in, providing an increase of relief followed by a sharp increase of embarrassment. Their wings flexed, raised, and flapped.

Quicker he decrease, though their wings beat more difficult. Flapping subsequently flailing after that flipping, an end-over-end freefall. Feathers travelled every which means, clogging the sky like a huge pillow combat until there have been no longer feathers to reduce with no way to slow their lineage. Wind whistled through light folds of his halfchiton, what protected their last shred of self-respect.

The guy drawn in a shallow inhale, after that another. Blood pounded in his ears. Their cardiovascular system raced just as if trying to defeat with the rest of your toward mountains base. The stunning colour of Mount Olympus went along like a smeared oil painting while he tumbled prior, dizzy and disoriented and entirely susceptible to the guidelines of physics he probably needs settled additional focus on on academy.

His first peek on the Great affect choked their lung area with dread. The grey vapor created a chilling likeness to your jaws of Zeus, ready to accept swallow your entire. Breaching the edge associated with mortal industry is explicitly prohibited, but he could not have stopped his ghastly tumble to ask entryway even though the guy wanted to. The guy braced for a collision, although door stood wide open.

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Cupid dragged in the last breath of Olympian environment, dedicated to memory his last blurry glimpse of the sole room hed actually understood, and gone away to the blinding froth.

The affect shut around him like a dense, moist wool. Icy droplets tucked between his lips and clung to his eyelashes. The fluffy mist slowed their drop to a sufferable pace, considerably drifting leaf than falling brick. Foam plugged their ears with quiet. All he could discover ended up being the significantly unpredictable beat of his very own cardio while the thoughts banging around in the mind. Dangling between two worlds, he was profoundly by yourself.

Not even his personal mother have endured by him.

Would she nonetheless maybe not proper care if the gods were to choose to torture him? The prospect of bodily harm delivered a violent shiver through Cupids looks. He had never much concerned himself with the fate of Prometheus, but now he couldnt shake the image of the great Titan chained to a rock while a giant eagle tore away at his exposed liver, day after day for all of eternity.

What if the gods requisite feats of good strength? He no longer possessed the brawn of Hercules than he performed the forbearance of Prometheus, thus the best concern: Can you imagine we give up? Howevernt be the very first fallen jesus not to ever discover his residence once more, he remembered with huge heart.

Fear worked itself into a knot of bravado. Towards the Underworld with all of of those! Hed manage once his legs hit the groundor drag themselves if their legs are also mangledand not really attempt to earn back their monotonous, foreseeable life. Youll end up being sorry next, Mother.

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Just as if answering when it comes to goddess whod birthed him, the truly amazing affect spat Cupid out with a brutal shove into Earths ambiance. The mortals environment tasted bitter, he made the decision with a smack of his mouth. The colour palette dulled to muted organization, greens, and browns, as if some body had drawn a curtain over their sight. He questioned if hed conform to this new world or if hed actually wish to. A forceful tug clipped quick his conjecture.

Invisible arms pulled him toward the ground with scary velocity. Earths the law of gravity, he remembered abruptly, was big companies. Their shoulders twitched out-of practice but best reminded him he previously no landing equipment whatsoever.

He fought right back terror together with the could of three thousand several years of religion within his mothers adore, though he previously to admit hed sorely examined Aphrodite this time around. Cupid was still weighing their mothers cardiovascular system as soon as the grassy area increased to meet up with their bottom.

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